Why - OH Bangalore Girls ?

29 November 2008

Silicon Valley of India - The Bangalore.
Blr is the place where most of the South Indians would prefer to work, most even from metros like Hyd and Chn prefer to be in Blr. And many of the Techis from other places end up in Blr as they can get some good jobs here.  Blr is a hub for Techis... one would have studied in some small engineering college in a small town, if they try and get a job in Blr their future is made.

I would say most of the techi companies in Blr pay a real good starting salary. The amount spent by a student for his studies during his engineering can be earned in his First month salary itself. That is how the trend is now.

Like this most of them flee to Blr for their career. The number of PGs and Hostels have multiplied like anything. People coming to Blr stay either in PGs or Hostels and they can afford for a great living in Blr.

  • High Salaries > LOTS OF FREEDOM > RESULT ! ?
Whats the result ? Most of them have so much of Money and Freedom that they spend lavishly. Ofcourse its their money and they spend.

When we look at the crowd in the Discos or Pubs - MOST OF THE CROWD WD BE NON-BLRians
In India Girls consuming alchol is not at all common. Well its individual's wish - How many bangalore born girls are like that compared to others who live in Blr ? Very Very Less... Blr born girls stay with their families with their parents. So they cant go home drunk. Its just equal to Impossible.
Late night Parties and Discos - Again in this corporate world the parties and discos have increased. Just a couple of years ago all these were not so vibrant for a normal middle class family born individual. But now even some one coming from a very small town goes to parties and Discos when in Blr. Their money they spend. Yes Blr girls also have money but they have the responsibility of getting back home on time. They are answerable to their parents when they reach home very late. Yes the Blr girls party but there are lots of limitations. Most of them live with in that limitation unlike those who stay on their own in Blr.
There is an expression given about girls in Blr from outsider ...............
It is thought that Blr girls are too forward. Yes Blr girls are forward in their thoughts about their goles about their responsibilites about their respect to the culture.  They are bold enough to express their thoughts. Is that wrong ?!?
Then WHY non Bangalorians give that expression and a kind of OHHH opinion about Blr Girls ?!
People who speak so STOP it... just STOP it
Disclaimer : These are my individual opinion. I have expressed my heart and therefore do not hold any responsibility. Non bangaloreans do not take this offensive.


Stanford Engineering free Courses

26 September 2008

Comp Science & Robotic Courses

Stanford University has launched a series of 10 free, online computer science (CS) and electrical engineering courses. The courses span an introduction to computer science and an introduction to artificial intelligence and robotics, among other topics.

The free courses are being offered “to students and educators around the world” under the auspices of Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE). Each course comprises downloadable video lectures, handouts, assignments, exams, and transcripts.
The courses are nearly identical to what’s offered to enrolled Stanford students, according to the University. However, those taking courses through SEE are not eligible to receive Stanford credit for them.
Course participants do not register, and have no direct contact with Stanford instructors or professors. They do, however, have the ability to communicate online with other SEE students. A detailed SEE FAQ is available here.
The University says SEE’s initial courses include “one of Stanford’s most popular engineering sequences: the three-course Introduction to Computer Science taken by the majority of Stanford undergraduates, and seven more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.”
Specifically, SEE’s first 10 courses are…

  • Introduction to Computer Science:

  • Artificial Intelligence:

  • Linear Systems and Optimization:

    The SEE courses have been released under a Creative Commons license, in order to “[encourage] educators and learners around the world to incorporate the video courses and materials into their educational endeavors and to form virtual communities around the classes,” the University says.
    The license under which the courses are being released is the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. According to the University, this license stipulates that “original content [can] be the remixed, tweaked, and built into new non-commercial content as long as the original source is credited and the new creations are distributed under the identical terms.”
    As noted, the courses are nearly identical to the ones offered to Stanford’s registered students. However, some content has been omitted in cases where a copyright holder’s consent could not be obtained for releasing the material under the Creative Commons license. There are also “a few other exceptions,” according to the University.
    Jim Plummer, dean of the Stanford Engineering School, says the University is “excited to extend our teaching and learning opportunities worldwide through SEE. We hope SEE will enable a broad range of people to learn, to share their ideas and to make their own contributions to knowledge.”
    For further information, visit the program’s landing page at Stanford Engineering Everywhere.


Poetic Resignation

20 June 2008

The name is good, the brand is big
But the work I do is that of a pig
The work or the brand; what is my way?
I don't know if I should stay.

To work, they have set their own way
Nobody will care to hear what I say
My will be NULL, they wont change their way
I don't know if I should stay.

The project is in a critical stage
But to do good work, this is the age
This dilemma is killing me day by day
I don't know if I should stay.

The money is good, the place is great
But the development is at a very small rate
Should I go for the work, or wait for pay
I don't know if I should stay!

The managers don't know what they talk
The team doesn't know where they walk
That's a bad situation, what say?
I don't know if I should stay.

I can go to any other place
But what if I get the same disgrace
I can't keep switching day by day
I don't know if I should stay.

The -ves are more, the +ves are less
Then why have this unnecessary mess
N o more will I walk their way,
It's all done, I won't stay.

Thanks & Regards



Manager Response

Reply: What I want to say? (Manager)

The decision is good or decision is bad
Only God knows still I am glad
Keep moving in life that is what I can say
If you feel right go in the same way

May god give you the work, the challenge you want
Anyway there is always a second chance
Chances are there, grab them snatch them
That is what I can say

Keep on jumping companies to get more and more and more....
That will keep you always a fore (Even to me)

From my experience I can tell you
Being in software development is like taking hell out of you

You are frustrated since you have no quality work
And you were frustrated because you had quantity work

It's always like that previous job was better than the current one
And expects the new job will be much better than this one

But what you get is a frustration level up to sun
Than you will again send the resignation like this one
This is all what I want t o say

Have you completed all the formalities?
Filled the form and got it signed from department humanities (HR)

Once done you can take all your cash
But don't refer others as they will follow you're a*s.

At last I appreciate your contribution to the company
Even though there was not any....

You will keep a copy of this with you for FYI
Don't feel shy

As I also got it some time back from my old manger say Hi....

That is all what I want to say.

Thanks & Regards




If a barber makes a mistake,

It's a


If a driver makes a mistake,

It is a

New path


If an
engineer makes a mistake,

It is a


If parents makes a mistake,

It is a


If a politician makes a mistake,

It is a


If a scientist makes a mistake,

It is a


If a tailor makes a mistake,

It is a


If a teacher makes a mistake ,

It is a


If our boss makes a mistake,

It is a New idea


If an employee makes a mistake,

It is a "MISTAKE"


Links Links Links

19 June 2008



Books for Beginners

15 June 2008

The Google story - How Google Inc was formed

by David A. Vise

Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT

by Chetan Bhagat
One Night @ the Call Center – Story in a call center

by Chetan Bhagat
The Three Mistakes of My Life – Story of Three friends

by Chetan Bhagat


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