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5 November 2009

A Sage was walking in the forest with two of his disciples.They came across a river. They had to cross the river to continue their journey further.They saw a young woman getting washed away in the river. The sage saw this and was shocked and prayed God to rescue her. One of the disciples without even thinking for a moment jumped in to the water and rescued the woman and left her on the shore and continued the journey. All three were silent for a long time , after which the sage asked the disciple as why he touched the woman to save her after getting the upadesha for sanyasa from him.For that the disciple replied " O great Guru. Iam no bigger than you. I have a doubt. Please excuse me If I am saying anything wrong. I had left the woman on the banks of the river. But you have been carrying the woman in your thoughts all this time. Is this not a greater sin than what I did?" The sage realised his mistake immediately.


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