Why - OH Bangalore Girls ?

29 November 2008

Silicon Valley of India - The Bangalore.
Blr is the place where most of the South Indians would prefer to work, most even from metros like Hyd and Chn prefer to be in Blr. And many of the Techis from other places end up in Blr as they can get some good jobs here.  Blr is a hub for Techis... one would have studied in some small engineering college in a small town, if they try and get a job in Blr their future is made.

I would say most of the techi companies in Blr pay a real good starting salary. The amount spent by a student for his studies during his engineering can be earned in his First month salary itself. That is how the trend is now.

Like this most of them flee to Blr for their career. The number of PGs and Hostels have multiplied like anything. People coming to Blr stay either in PGs or Hostels and they can afford for a great living in Blr.

  • High Salaries > LOTS OF FREEDOM > RESULT ! ?
Whats the result ? Most of them have so much of Money and Freedom that they spend lavishly. Ofcourse its their money and they spend.

When we look at the crowd in the Discos or Pubs - MOST OF THE CROWD WD BE NON-BLRians
In India Girls consuming alchol is not at all common. Well its individual's wish - How many bangalore born girls are like that compared to others who live in Blr ? Very Very Less... Blr born girls stay with their families with their parents. So they cant go home drunk. Its just equal to Impossible.
Late night Parties and Discos - Again in this corporate world the parties and discos have increased. Just a couple of years ago all these were not so vibrant for a normal middle class family born individual. But now even some one coming from a very small town goes to parties and Discos when in Blr. Their money they spend. Yes Blr girls also have money but they have the responsibility of getting back home on time. They are answerable to their parents when they reach home very late. Yes the Blr girls party but there are lots of limitations. Most of them live with in that limitation unlike those who stay on their own in Blr.
There is an expression given about girls in Blr from outsider ...............
It is thought that Blr girls are too forward. Yes Blr girls are forward in their thoughts about their goles about their responsibilites about their respect to the culture.  They are bold enough to express their thoughts. Is that wrong ?!?
Then WHY non Bangalorians give that expression and a kind of OHHH opinion about Blr Girls ?!
People who speak so STOP it... just STOP it
Disclaimer : These are my individual opinion. I have expressed my heart and therefore do not hold any responsibility. Non bangaloreans do not take this offensive.


zoram 11 December 2008 at 5:11 AM  

I was in Blr for a week or soo and the best thing abt it is the weather and the crowd...wud love to saty there if given a chance ( fat pay, great job lolzz!)

Btw, y dnt u use sharing engine like Tell-a-Friend so that visitor like me can easily share ur posts with frens thru mails,IMs,blogs,socialnetworking sites etc...u cn simply register on www.socialtwist.com Careful with the site type u choose..al d best : )

manjari 10 July 2009 at 3:41 AM  

yeee roop.. nice thoughts and ofcourse it is true. being in bangalore with parents.. u always need to strike a balance between being good to parents and being kwel to friends & colleagues. They Blr girls do it like a cake walk.


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